“I was edge-of-my-seat caught up in Selma’s desperate rescue mission to save her family, and her trials and stumbles along the way. I literally couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.”

– Keith Willis, Author of the Knights of Kilbourne, reviewing The Winter Stags

The Woods

The only thing more powerful than fear is love.

Sheltered Red is trapped in her village by a wall meant to protect her from the monstrous wolves who hunt in the Woods. She dreams of overcoming her fear to live a life in the wild, but she’s not brave enough to pick up an axe.

When an attack forces Red into the Woods on a desperate, life-saving mission, she finds herself in a hidden world that is nothing like she imagined. In this strange new world, Red must find her voice or die. And her life is not the only thing on the line. War threatens, destiny calls, and Red’s heart may be in the most danger of all…

The Woods is a dark, romantic retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.

“Gripping, well paced, with beautifully written visuals. This story left me desperate for the next iteration of this unique fantasy world, and daydreaming for days…”

– Ana, Goodreads review of The Winter Stags

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