The Woods

Old loyalties. New love. And a secret more dangerous than any monster.

Long ago, a sorcerer cast a curse that filled the woods around Red’s village with wolves. The village put up a wall to protect its people and only the Huntsmen—an army of ax-wielding warriors led by Red’s legendary Gran—are allowed outside.

Red is no legend. She lives trapped. Until a brutal attack leaves Gran on the edge of death. To save her, Red must brave the Woods alone.

The beasts track her every step, driving her deep into the shadows, where she discovers a secret, horrifying truth.

A wolf, Timber, promises Red safe passage home if she helps him reveal the secret and break the ancient curse that afflicts the Woods. Red’s every instinct screams not to trust him. But as old loyalties are called into question and new love threatens to break open her heart, Red faces a choice that will determine the fate of all those who live in the Woods.

For she never expected she could love a beast.

The Winter Stags

Selma can’t wait to see her father and brothers. Journeying through the deep Woods with her mother to the cottage where her family gathers twice a year is a joy.

Until Selma’s mother gets sick on the way, and a freak snowstorm traps them alone in an abandoned cottage. Eleven-year-old Selma is her mother’s only hope for survival. So Selma sets out after a rumor that once upon a time there was enough magic in this cursed forest to save a life.

Even if it’s true, the unfriendly Woods won’t offer up its treasures without cost. And the clock is ticking.

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Asher’s Gifts

A YA coming-of-age portal fantasy full of heart, celebrating diversity, and asking questions about how we choose who we want to become.