Read “Asher’s Gifts” First Chapter

Check out the first chapter of my young adult fantasy novel Asher’s Gifts below! Already know you want it? The ebook is available for sale on Amazon,, and other online retailers. Asher It was the first day of a new year of school. It was my senior year, and I’d spent about two weeks picking out myContinue reading “Read “Asher’s Gifts” First Chapter”

Asher’s Gifts Back Cover Description

So you think my book sounds interesting, but you’re not entirely sold? I totally get it. What’s it even about, anyway?!   Asher’s Gifts is a romantic adventure featuring unique magic, interplanetary travel, angry gods and star-crossed lovers. Asher, daughter of the sun god, is the first magician born in three hundred years with theContinue reading “Asher’s Gifts Back Cover Description”