Giveaway Details!

NOTE: The Giveaway Period has now ended. A huge thank you to everyone who entered, and Congratulations to the winners: Cindy, Matt and Joe!


The ebook of Asher’s Gifts has been released, and is available for only $2.99 on Amazon,, and other online retailers.

But what about all of us who love paperbacks? Battery powered devices just don’t have that smell, that weight, that glorious shiny cover you see every time you close the book to go to sleep.

Believe me, I’m with you.

Which is why I’m holding a giveaway of three autographed paperback copies, to be delivered on the day the paperback is released! (Or as close as I can manage. I’m not a mailman.)

Here’s how it works:

The Asher’s Gifts paperback will be released in mid-May. (No exact date has yet been promised!)

On May 10th, I will choose three names at random from the list of current subscribers to my New Release Mailing List. Those three winners will each be mailed a free autographed paperback copy of Asher’s Gifts!

Sign up for my email list by clicking here and entering your information, and you’ll automatically be entered into the giveaway. It’s really that simple! 

Are you already an email list subscriber? Then congratulations! Your name is already entered in the raffle.

Giveaway Terms and Conditions:

On May 10th, I will draw three names and contact (via email) the lucky winners to ask for their full names and addresses. They must respond within two days with this information or new winners will be chosen. I will mail the autographed paperbacks out to coincide as closely as I can manage with the date the paperback becomes widely available for sale. (This date will be in mid-May; no exact date has yet been promised.)

The first names of the winners will be announced. Loved ones already receiving free copies are ineligible for this giveaway.

And that’s it, folks!

Click here to join my New Release Mailing List and be automatically entered to win a free autographed copy of the Asher’s Gifts paperback!


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