Asher’s Gifts Back Cover Description

So you think my book sounds interesting, but you’re not entirely sold?

I totally get it. What’s it even about, anyway?!


Asher’s Gifts is a romantic adventure featuring unique magic, interplanetary travel, angry gods and star-crossed lovers.

Asher, daughter of the sun god, is the first magician born in three hundred years with the Gift of Engineering: the ability to control the portals that bind together a thousand magical worlds into a single network. A great destiny seems inevitable…until she meets her soulmate, Rex. Soulmates, crafted at birth by the Fates, share a single lifeline, a joint destiny. From the moment Asher’s eyes lock with Rex’s across the school courtyard, they are bound together, for better or worse.

But as Asher researches this newfound magical connection, she discovers a horrifying truth: That soulmates are the gods’ way of stifling those magicians they deem too powerful. That soulmates are always equal and Rex has no magical Gift at all. And that Engineering and ‘mating magic are incompatible. The faster Asher comes to love her soulmate, the faster the Great Gift will leave her.

When Lee, a non-binary musician from Earth, is stranded far from home and right on Asher’s doorstep, Asher barely thinks twice before helping them get home. But when this angers the gods even further, she is faced with a choice that will define her life forever: Does she want to be an Engineer, or a soulmate?


Asher’s Gifts is a young adult fantasy adventure love story. It features three central characters who all take turns narrating. Each person has a unique character and a strong voice–the fact that they each get a chance to share their perspective in their own words is actually my favorite thing about the whole story.

Asher’s Gifts is funny, touching, empowering and romantic. It is full of adventure, magic and time travel.

I truly couldn’t love it more, and I think that you will too.

Buy it now (or read the first few chapters for free with “look inside this book”) on Amazon,, or at another online retailer

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