ASHER’S GIFTS Description

Being the daughter of the sun god gives Asher some big shoes to fill. Luckily, she is the first magician born in hundreds of years who can control the portals that enable travel between planets. A great destiny seems inevitable…but the Fates have other plans.

Rex is just an ordinary guy until the day he finds out he is Asher’s soulmate. A trick played by the Fates, soulmates share a lifeline and a destiny. From the moment Rex meets Asher, he begins to display magic. And she begins to display less.

As they travel the galaxy searching for answers, they encounter Lee, a gender non-binary violinist who loves their record player and polka dotted bow tie so much that their joy makes actual magic happen.

But will the lessons of love and friendship come too late to save Asher’s power? For every day her magic flows away, and soon there will be nothing left.

ASHER’S GIFTS allows each character to tell their own story from their perspective as they each make the most important decisions a person ever makes: who they will be and who they will love.

Buy it now (or read the first few chapters for free with “look inside this book”) on Amazon,, or at another online retailer

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